Alter Eagle

Serving the Lake County area of California

Fireplace Mantel & Carpentry

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Mantel surround with cabinets
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Panelled overmantel with surround
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Craftsman style trims and wainscot

Custom Fireplace Mantels

Custom designed and built mantels
from our Lakeport woodworking shop
Installed by a master carpenter

Fireplace mantel surrounds with overmantels or cabinets

Fireplace Mantels

Finishing Carpentry

Fine hand crafted interior finish carpentry
Precision joinery by a 30 year craftsman

Crown, Wainscot, Casing, Baseboard, Coffer Ceilings, Doors, Custom Cabinets and Cabinet Installations

Finishing Carpentry


Most estimates are done onsite
All installations are by a master carpenter
We supply the molding and millwork