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Custom Fireplace Mantels

Our Fireplace mantels are custom designed unique pieces
We can build from images or use elements from our examples

Every mantel is from our local woodworking shop made for your fireplace measured and installed by a master carpenter

Fireplace Mantel Surround

A mantel surround has two columns with a top section called an entablature that frames the fireplace. Wooden fireplace surrounds have traditionally been the most popular for mantel designs.

Fireplace Surround
Fireplace Surround

Novato mantel surround with an arched frieze that matches the insert

Fireplace SurroundFireplace SurroundFireplace SurroundFireplace Surround
Fireplace SurroundFireplace SurroundFireplace SurroundFireplace Surround

When updating an existing fireplace with an insert and tiling the face that work is typically done before the surround is measured and installed. I go over the process with you during the site visit. The surrounds are primed and installed then the final paint or stain is done in place.

Fireplace Overmantel

An overmantel is a fireplace mantel with a decorative section above, typically of a similar mantel design. Traditionally an overmantel was a panel that framed a painting or mirror, today it's popular again for flat screens.

Fireplace Overmantel
Fireplace Overmantel

Ross overmantel with an upper panel that ties into the rooms crown

Fireplace OvermantelFireplace OvermantelFireplace OvermantelFireplace Overmantel
Fireplace OvermantelFireplace OvermantelFireplace overmantelFireplace Overmantel

Fireplace overmantels sit on the lower surround. When an inset is used for the wall above that usually requires some rough framing. If the overmantel is going over brick that may need some prep work for the panels and the wiring in place for a TV when they are used.

Fireplace Mantel Shelf

A fireplace mantel shelf is the top entablature section only. Crown molding is typically used to give the mantel shelf depth.

Fireplace Mantel Shelf
Fireplace Mantel Shelf

Penngrove mantel shelf on top of an existing stone fireplace

Fireplace Mantel ShelfFireplace Mantel ShelfFireplace Mantel ShelfFireplace Mantel Shelf
Fireplace Mantel ShelfFireplace Mantel ShelfFireplace Mantel ShelfFireplace Mantel Shelf

Fireplace mantel shelves are most often installed on top of existing brick. They can also be placed over a flat surface and have corbel supports.

Fireplace Mantel Cabinets

Fireplace cabinets built in to match the mantels.
Typically the cabinets are open shelf for the TV components.

Fireplace Cabinets
Fireplace Mantel Shelf

Sonoma fireplace surround and overmantel with full height cabinets

Fireplace CabinetsFireplace CabinetsFireplace Mantel DetailFireplace Cabinets
Fireplace CabinetsFireplace CabinetsFireplace CabinetsFireplace Cabinets

Fireplace cabinets can be built to go with the mantels in many configurations from floor to ceiling and wall to wall. When used for TV componets they are typically open shelf so they work with the infrared IR. If you are planning on a TV I would need to know the size and usually the wiring would be in place.

Fireplace Mantel Design

Other fireplace mantel designs and some close up details.

Fireplace Mantel
Fireplace Mantel Shelf

Sebastopol fireplace mantel by an interior designer in a craftsman

Fireplace MantelFireplace Mantel DetailFireplace MantelFireplace Mantel
Fireplace MantelFireplace Mantel DetailFireplace Mantel DetailFireplace Mantel Detail

Fireplace mantel design also need to take into account clearance to combustables, and are largely determined by the firebox or insert size. I can work with you or your designer from images you like or mix and match design elements from the mantels I have built previously. 

Fireplace Mantel Estimates

You can telephone, text or email to set up a site visit.
I can go over the design and estimate the cost onsite.

The paint grade fireplace mantels are usually primed the stain grade are sanded and ready for finishing. They are installed then given their final finish onsite.